Starting an online business is no different than offline businesses in addition to material capital needs, business on the internet every individual should also have at least a little accountability from each of their respective online businesses that would in the field.
Personally the main obstacle in starting a business online is:

1. Internet Connection
Perhaps for those of you who live in urban areas or big cities internet connection is not to be a significant obstacle, but rather for those who live in villages where the Internet is still far below standard. Imagine advanced age it is today still a non use wireless networks such as GPRS or even Edge.

2. Foreign Language Mastery
Now this is a constraint on the most common and most are owned by the beginner online business is a foreign language acquisition factors or English. Although there are only solutions to solve business problems such as paid review using interpreter services but still not be the maximum work done due to the nature of dependence continuously will not be able to guarantee the totality of the effort will be realized to the fullest.
3. Ability and determination
Just alias capital determination and a willingness reckless high desire is not enough to succeed in internet business without having the ability or one of the basic skills of all the necessary coverage to support in this regard are the things that are part of the factors that must be at least a bit satisfied as completeness or material capital in online business skills.